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1950s - The First Decade

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First Anniversary

Annual Report - Released to the Public
September, 1950

St. Clare’s Hospital Observes First Anniversary...
Community Service Cited in Annual Report

In a progress report just completed, St. Clare’s Hospital marks the first anniversary of its opening on September 1, 1949. The hospital is operated and staffed by the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis, St. Anthony Province. Reverend Sister M. Lamberta, S.P.S.F., is Superintendent.

The progress report gives a detailed outline of the consistent advances maintained in every department since opening day. During the year, over 4,000 patients have been admitted. St. Clare’s Hospital contains 175 beds, 35 bassinets, and a recently enlarged pediatrics department, designed to accommodate 30 children.

On opening day, 4 patients were admitted at an early hour. Immediately thereafter, the house census showed a steady increase, and when every department had its personnel completely organized, the hospital was serving 151 patients. This figure was reached shortly after the turn of the year, and it justified the confidence of the many Schenectadians who had pioneered in the planning of this modern hospital.

The complete cost, including construction, architects’ and builders’ fees, all fixed equipment and furnishings, and initial operating fund, totaled $3,357,886.00. Contributions from individuals, fraternal societies, professional, manufacturing, and other business groups, totaled $2,323,667.00. A deficit of $1,034,219.00 on opening day was overcome through bank commitments, with an amortization period of 15 years. A number of memorials have been arranged for during the year, and several bequests have been received. The income thus derived, together with all pledge payments received to date, has been used to lower the hospital debt.

Equipment to meet every need of a modern general hospital has been installed. Visitors have shown a keen interest in the X-ray and therapy machines, oxygen tents and electro-cardiograph equipment, stationary and portable. Quite recently, an iron lung was presented to the hospital.

Approximately one-half of the patients admitted have entered the hospital to avail themselves of the facilities for surgical treatment, major and minor. Nearly 2,000 have had surgical care to date.

The maternity floor has been one of the business departments. Over 700 babies have been born in the modern delivery room suite. Each baby has had the advantage of individual equipment. In addition to 35 bassinets, there are 3 incubators, electrically heated and thermostatically controlled. A resuscitator is always ready for immediate use.

The medical floor gives diagnostic treatment and the attending medical care. Many hundreds have used this department as a stepping stone to normal health and well-being.

Each floor above the first has a well-balanced arrangement of private, semi-private, and ward rooms. Many of the private rooms have either shower or tub bath, or both. Every room has running water.

An excellent record has been made in the treatment in emergency cases. These are admitted at the emergency door, adjacent to the treatment rooms, which are equipped for every case of an emergency nature. The rooms are in close proximity to the laboratory and X-ray department, all on the ground floor. Accident cases are thus assured of the greatest possible advantages.

The Most Reverend Edmund F. Gibbons, Bishop of the Albany Diocese, is President of the Corporate Board. Other members are the Very Reverend William C. Keane, Secretary, and Reverend Leo B. Schmidt, Treasurer. Father Keane is pastor of St. Luke’s Parish and Father Schmidt is pastor at St. Joseph’s. The Reverend Mother Simon Petra, Provincial Superior, is Vice-President, Reverend Sister M. Lamberta, Superintendent, is assistant treasurer, and Sister Mary Joseph is assistant Superintendent. Other members of the board are three Sisters Superior located in metropolitan area hospitals which are operated by the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis.

Laurence G. Magner is Chairman of the Advisory Board. Members of this group include Dr. William E. Gazeley, Joseph Connelly, Thomas Ervin, Henry Schaffer, Ezra E. Talmadge, Edward Wallingford and W. Howard Wright.

Statistical date and human interest stories would fill many a page, even in the brief span of the year that St. Clare’s Hospital has been open to the public. Perhaps the most reassuring fact is that once again, the people of Schenectady, by their unselfish contributions of time and financial aid, have shown that ours is a city of civic accomplishment.

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