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From the beginning, St. Clare’s was always known for its family-focused care, family-like environment and uncanny ability to make everyone - patients, visitors and staff - feel like they were part of a large and loving family.

It began six decades ago, when the people of Schenectady rallied together and breathed life into the very existence of St. Clare’s. It was strengthened by the ever-present advocacy and support of the Auxiliary who energized and invigorated and engaged the community. It was further strengthened by the Foundation, whose goods works helped sustain the hospital’s mission - in the best of times and the worst of times.

From the beginning, it has been that loyal cadre of volunteers and employees, physicians and dentists, donors, community leaders and clergy - who imbued St. Clare’s with that intangible, indescribable Spirit of Healing.

Friends and Family | Foundation | Auxiliary | Photos | Fund Drives