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St. Clare’s Hospital Foundation
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Within the hospital’s archives is one slim folder containing the minutes of the Trustee Development Committee. On March 18, 1981, this group, a sub-committee of the St. Clare’s Hospital Board of Trustees met at noon at the Mohawk Club - now the Stockade Inn. On the menu that day were several luncheon entrees priced at $3.55 - including soup, salad and two side dishes!

During the course of the meeting, a resolution was passed calling for "immediate progress" toward creating a foundation at St. Clare’s Hospital. Seven months later, the certificate of incorporation was filed with the Department of State.

For more than a quarter century, the St. Clare’s Hospital Foundation helped fund essential programs, services and equipment needs and in doing so, sustained the healing mission of St. Clare’s Hospital to serve all those need. Thousands of donors and incomparable support at every level of the community generated more than $22 million in charitable gifts, grants and bequests.

The success of St. Clare’s Hospital Foundation was due, in no small measure, to the community’s longstanding support of the hospital, itself. It was, in fact, the people of Schenectady and surrounding communities who gave rise to the existence of St. Clare’s Hospital. During the two fund drives of the 1940s, they contributed more than $3 million dollars to construct and equip the new hospital. That tradition of support and generosity was the springboard upon which the foundation was established.

The efforts of the St. Clare’s Hospital Foundation and its legions of volunteers are a lasting legacy of community-based philanthropy and support at its best.

St. Clare’s Hospital Foundation Presidents

  • 1981 John Boomer
  • 1984 Anthony Salerno
  • 1990 William Mather
  • 1994 Fred Denefrio
  • 1998 Donald Lang
  • 2006 Martin Finn
  • 2007 Margaret Connoly

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